Comparing Animal Farm And Lord Of The Flies Present Human Nature

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Compare how Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies present human nature.
George Orwell and William Golding were both writers who were concerned with human nature. They both thought that human nature had been twisted but they had slightly different interpretations of what it entails. George Orwell, who published Animal Farm in 1945, was influenced quite heavily on the Russian Revolution and was portraying human nature to be something that is weak and is easily corrupted through power and money, whereas Golding saw that human nature has always been corrupted from the very start, through the events he saw during World War 2 and seeing what man could do to each other. However these writers do also hint at the duality of human nature; they both present some kind of goodness within their respective books through characters, symbols and actions. In Animal Farm, George Orwell creates a world in which the animals overthrow a dictator and shows how the new leaders are corrupted which eventually creates worse off world. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding reveals the truth of human nature and how it is revealed through a group of boys left deserted on an unknown island. This essay will be comparing the two writer’s views of human nature and that they are both want to show the weakness of human nature and how it is manipulated.
Hope is a key aspect that is portrayed within both of the books. It is presented as something that was essential and without it nothing could have been
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