Comparing Apple Macintosh Computers to Microsoft Windows PCs

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For most children born in the twenty-first century, it is hard to imagine living in a world that does not run on computers or any other type of electronic device. From governments, to businesses, to schools, to the casual at-home user: computers are used by the majority of people living in developed countries on a day-to-day basis. One of the largest debates in technology is the famous ever-lasting battle between Apple Macintosh computers and Microsoft Windows PCs (personal computers). Most common consumers who aren’t sure of what kind of computer they should invest in (Mac or PC) often raise one general question: Which is truly better? While both companies have dedicated fans that would do anything to protect their favorite computer from ridicule, each company has a set of pros and cons that could help an individual make up his or her mind on what computer is right for them. Both brands can be compared to one another by breaking them down into three technological categories: build quality, hardware, and software.
One of the main topics that PC users will use to argue against Macs is that they are overpriced and underpowered. In other words, users could buy an apple computer for two-thousand dollars, but also buy a PC at equal quality valued at around seven-hundred to a thousand dollars. What these users do not take into consideration is the superior build quality of an apple computer…
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