Essay on Comparing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Adolf Hitler

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Comparing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Adolf Hitler "To ‘learn’ history means to seek and find the forces which are the causes leading to those effects which we subsequently perceive as historical events.” – Adolf Hitler Growing up poor in a small town in Austria he had dreams of becoming famous; some would even say this dream soon became an obsession. This fascination soon engulfed his life, viewing his goals as a catalyst for a better life. After a brief stint in the army he pursued this dream and learned to use propaganda as a springboard to achieve a high ranking position in a political party. This political party was currently in power in the country he had immigrated to in his twenties, a country he could now call his own. Two…show more content…
The Background "I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the Jews I am fighting for the Lord's work." - Adolf Hitler To fully understand the views expressed in this paper, it is necessary to understand Adolf Hitler and to provide context as to why Schwarzenegger is being compared to what many believe to be the embodiment of evil itself. This section of the paper will focus on the background of both states: California and Nazi Germany. In 1929 Germany was hit with the final blow to an already struggling nation; the Great Depression. Black Tuesday hit Germany in the midst of a naval blockade, extreme hyperinflation, and poverty for many Germans. Many historians believe that the blockade against Germany was the main reason for the rise of Nazism and consequently World War II. Regardless, Germany was in a time of crisis and in desperate need of salvation. In 2003, California, while not suffering from the same magnitude of crisis as pre-Nazi Germany, was by no means experiencing prosperity. California was in the midst of an extreme unbalance: suffering from a massive debt, a governor who seemed unable to help, and increasing unemployment. Residents were exhausted of false promises made by former governors and looking for change. A recall was ordered on Governor

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