Comparing Art And The Baroque Eras

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Comparing Art of the Renaissance and the Baroque Eras
The Renaissance and the Baroque eras created some of the most famous works of art produced in the world. The two eras expressed differences in style and theme, but they also have many characteristics in common. To better understand the similarities of the eras it will be described by the characteristics, styles and the influences of each; Renaissance and Baroque works of art. Famous artist from the Renaissance era were Leonard da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti. Famous artist from the Baroque era were Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and Michelangelo Merisi o Amerighi da Caravaggio.
The Renaissance History
The Renaissance era began in Italy, spread to the rest of Europe and lasted from the 14th to the 17th century. It was defined as a period of cultural history that represented a break from the Middle Ages and an understanding of humanity (“Italian Renaissance”, 2014). The Renaissance began at the end of the black plaque. For the survivors there were opportunities and these opportunities brought about the artistic breakthroughs. It became the era of rebirth for society; learning and culture. The era was influenced by conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants, during this time, society explored religious options other than the Roman Catholic Church, they explored new beliefs; the power of the Church had decreased.
At first, the subject matter was about religion, saints, Christ, the love of life and beauty
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