Comparing Articles on the September 11th Attack in Two Newspapers

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In this essay I will analyse and compare a broadsheet and a tabloid newspaper article. I hope to be able to find differences and similarities in both articles. The Sun, which is the tabloid paper, is more of a gossip paper than The Times, which is full of news and sophisticated vocabulary. The article I have chosen is about the service for the September 11th attack on the Twin Towers. I will concentrate on looking at the language used and the descriptive element of the scene. This is very important because both articles will aim to achieve an emotional response and in order to accomplish that, the scene must be described in great detail.…show more content…
The article tries to hit the reader emotionally in as many ways as possible. It does this by telling the reader about families who lost loved ones and how they reacted. To put across the impact of devastation, the writer writes about people who would not normally be associated with normal people. The writer uses words like 'solemnly' to describe the actions and feelings of famous people, such as Sir Rudy Guiliani and Robert de Niro. Tabloids have always been known for the use of lots of pictures and this article is no exception. The use of pictures helps to stress the grief of the people there. The placement of the pictures is also important. There is an image of a policeman knelling and weeping over a fallen colleague. This picture is to show that someone who keeps law and order and is not just a 'tough man'. But just like us and can be broken down to tears. A child kneeling and crying, probably over the death of a parent, echoes this picture of the policeman. To get a big emotional response the picture of the child was put in because it is moving. At the bottom of the page there are pictures of Sir Rudy Guiliani, Robert de Niro and George Bush. These pictures are

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