Comparing Athens And Sparta Vs. Athens

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Hana Ellamey
Professor Deidre O’Shea
EUH 2000
15 september 2014 Sparta Vs. Athens “The ancient Greeks left us a very rich legacy of stories inspired by their gods, goddesses and heroes. They invented democracy and the modern alphabet, and laid the foundations of mathematics, philosophy, astronomy and medicine.”(Martell and Kuhtz 5) Some of the major city-states of Greece are Athens and Sparta. These two cities are very close to each other yet they are very different. Firstly, I will present Athens and Sparta generally. Secondly, I will discuss their military and trade expansion and how they reacted to the Persian and Peloponnesian war. Finally, I will examine their political long-term stability.
Athens is the capital of Greece and also was its largest city. It became a very strong trading power because it was located next to the Mediterranean Sea, so they also had a Mediterranean climate. There economy was based on agriculture and trade. They traded olive oil, pottery, bronze and wine. Athens wanted to gain control over more and more Greek cities around her so it could have more land. By having more land they will be the most powerful city in Greece. As an Athenian, you were encouraged to have a good education and then work in your desired field of study. Some men decide to join the military but they were not forced to join. Their military was not as strong as Sparta’s but at least they had one. Their army was composed
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