Comparing Attitudes Toward Love in First Love, Shall I Compare Thee, Porphyria's Love and The Flea

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Comparing Attitudes Toward Love in First Love, Shall I Compare Thee, Porphyria's Love and The Flea Love is an uncontrollable emotion experienced by everybody at some time. There are many different types of love, whether it's between mother and child, friends, lovers or a shop-a-holic and her credit card. Many poets have written on the subject of love and tried to capture the essence of the indescribable feeling. William Shakespeare discusses romantic, eternal love in "Shall I Compare Thee...?" whereas John Clare addresses the issue of unrequited love in "First Love." Contrasting with these ideas of admiration and romantic love is …show more content…
The repetition of "faire" is to stress the purity and loveliness of the woman. This poem conveys warmth and awe towards its subject, which is clearly romantic, with the use of elaborate adjectives and phrases, common for the time, to convey his emotions.

John Clare's "First Love," is about a man's feelings as he is seeing someone for the first time and falling in love with them, the manner in which he talks of his desired one is similar to Shakespeare's description in "Shall I Compare Thee" The language expresses the emotions he experiences and the effects they are having on him, "blood rushed to my face and took my sight away," and the personification of his legs refusing to walk, show how these feeling are uncontrollable. The writing style is intense this is shown by the hyperbole of his emotions "stole my heart away completely…my heart has left its dwelling-place, and can return no more." There is a standard (a,b,a,b) rhyming scheme, making the poem sound almost like a song, and poetic devices are used frequently. Alliteration of "so sudden and so sweet,", "saw so sweet a face" and "blood burnt about my heart" make the description stand out. Also simile's are used often; "her face bloomed like a flower,", "my face turned pale as deadly pale" and "they spoke as chords do from string," this is to compare the
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