Comparing Basketball And The Basketball Association

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WNBA vs. NBA Basketball is one of the most popular sports played and watched nationwide and global. Shooting, dribbling, crossing someone up, and even dunking has caught the eye of many people around the world. Many basketball players start at young age playing at a local recreation or YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) to build their skills and IQ of the game. This sport also consists of two genders: male and female. One of the top associations in American sports today is The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA). The association of women’s basketball and men’s basketball is almost equivalent. This essay will analyze the differences and similarities of the two sports and associations. The following differences and similarities will be analyzed throughout the essay: rules, monetary differences, and gender. The rules of the game of basketball vary between men and women. The National Basketball Association has twelve minute quarters, yet the Women’s National Basketball Association has ten minute quarters. On the other hand, both associations have the original twenty four second shot clock. In addition, both the men’s professional basketball and women’s professional basketball have the same rules that consist of the following: walks, double dribble, illegal screens, charging fouls, clear path fouls, bonus, overtime, jump ball, over the back fouls, and even goal tending. Even though both associations have the same rules and
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