Comparing Belgium's Contributions To The Congo During The Industrial Revolution

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Belgium, a country in europe, was considered “superior” to other counties in the general area. Belgium had a lot of advanced technology compared to the Congo. For example, the Congo was very poor, it wasn't important as a developing nation, however, the Congo did have many resources, Belgium for example, became interested in the Congo's, copper, gold, diamonds, rubber, cobalt, and many more resources. Thus, a lot of european countries wanted Congo’s resources as well, as a result, twelve nations got together debated dividing these resources equally. These thirteen nations in europe comprised the Berlin Conference. However King Leopold, the “ruler” of Belgium, wanted Africa all to himself. In response, King Leopold said he was going to take…show more content…
The Industrial revolution was the time when Belgium started using companies and factories for more advanced inventions. The Congo had copper, gold, diamonds, rubber, cobalt, and that’s just a small portion of what The Congo had to “provide” Europe with the natural resources they needed. These African natural resources made other countries have the desire to create trading corporations and companies. As a result ivory and mineral wealth was stolen, to create wealth and power for Leopold, this means, he went into the congo thinking only about himself, power, money, land, and slaves. Insofar as Europe, the slave trade was the main attraction of these european nations, because they saw a cheap labor and uncivilized country begging for colonization.there was deeply rooted racism in europe towards Africa and maybe that's why slavery was so big in Africa because yes, they did have the natural resources, but they weren’t considered “equal” to the europeans. But not only did leopold take natural resources from Africa, he also treated the people of the Congo like…show more content…
I used this information in my introduction and my second paragraph on how leopold tortured the people in the congo. It helps me answer questions on how belgium impacted the congo It's important because if leopold wasn't selfish and wanting all of Africa to himself people in the Congo/Africa never would have gone through all the stuff that happened, for all we know. Vern Cleary, “King Leopold and the conquest of the Congo”, modern world history, accessed february 16, 2017,
This document had all three reasons on why Belgium influenced the Congo, it had how/when Stanley got hired, tells me about how the people were getting abused, and it tells me how he planned to exploit the country. I used this document, because it had evidence and backing to support my claim. It helps me answer questions because it has enough evidence/backing which tells me how events transcribes on Leopold’s and Stanley's point of view as well as the intentions of twelve nations of the Berlin conference . Mojimba, “King Leopold and the conquest of the Congo”, modern world history, accessed february 16, 2017,
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