Comparing Belle From Beauty And The Beast

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Everyone is comparing and contrasting everyone to everything, all of the time. Have you ever actually taken the time to observe these comparisons? I think that one interesting comparison is between me and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We are both very opinionated and we both stand up for what we believe in. Although Belle and I have many similarities, we also have many differences. First of all, we are similar because we are both caring, sometimes a little too much so.This is good because we are kind. Belle gave up her freedom to save her father and I tend to give u what I want to make my brother happy. Although this is mostly good, it can be bad because sometimes people don’t want us to care for them, and that can be annoying. Belle wanted to care for the Beast when the wolves had scratched him, but he was pulling away and was being prideful. Even though in the end he gave in, he was getting…show more content…
For example, Belle doesn’t care about what people think about her, and I do. She does anything that she pleases, no matter what anyone will think. For example she reads books, even if people find it weird. Me on the other hand, I do care about what people think about me. Not in a I’ll do anything to please other people way, more like I think about what other people would think before I make decisions way. For example, when I am picking out what I want wear, I think about what other people would think. I think that it is good that Belle doesn’t care about what other people think. It means that she can do what she wants without worrying about how she will look in other people’s eyes. As you can see although Belle and I have many similarities we also have differences. We are both caring and opinionated, but she doesn’t care about what people think, and I do. Even though Belle is a Disney princess and I’m just a normal girl, we can still be similar. This shows that everything can compare and contrast to
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