Comparing Beowulf And Derek Jeter-The Last Great Sports Hero

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A hero is someone who shows courage and has accomplished great deeds. A hero is someone who has nobility and is a role model to others. People can become heroes for different reasons. In the epic poem, Beowulf translated by Burton Raffel, the title character, Beowulf is a great warrior. He shows great courage in his battles, he is loyal and has great physical strength. Derek Jeter was one of the greatest baseball players of his time. In his article, “Derek Jeter-The Last Great Sports Hero,” writer Charlie Wisco tells what qualities Jeter possessed that he was admired for both on and off the field. Although Beowulf and Derek Jeter are both heroes, they both share similarities as well as differences.
With more than three thousand lines, Beowulf is the longest epic poem written in Old English.( “Beowulf.” The British Library, The British Library, 9 Dec. 2014, Beowulf has three major battles. His first major battle occurs when he travels to the land of the Danes from his home in Geats after hearing that the King of the Danes, Hrothgar and his people are being attacked on a nightly basis by a monster named Grendel. This has been going on for twelve years at the great mead hall that Hrothgar built as a place where the Danes meet to drink, eat, sing and enjoy themselves. Grendel is a demon who is a descendant of Cain. Hearing the music and noise that the Danes make angers Grendel who is an outcast. No one is able to defeat Grendel.
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