Comparing Bilbo And The Dwarves In 'The Hobbit'

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In “The Hobbit” Bilbo and the Dwarves find Rivendell thanks to Gandalf and meet the Elves that live there. Bilbo enjoys Rivendell and he likes the elves that live there. The Dwarves despise the elves because they would make fun of their beards (Come on! Show some respect for the beards). Bilbo enjoys Elvish singing and he enjoys the moonlight in June. The Dwarves are for now putting aside the facts of mockery and the cope with the elves to continue the expedition. Elrond seems to be willing to guide the Dwarves and Bilbo further through that journey. He mentions to Thorin about the forgotten treasures that still might be hidden. Elrond disapproves the Dwarves lust for gold and riches, but still helps them anyway due to a hate of the dragon’s
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