Comparing 'Blob And Kunst Haus Alien'

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The sea colour of the acrylic and a gradient created by the sunlight make the building’s abnormal curves to stand out , emphasising the bizarre shape of the art gallery, which looks like if it is about to wipe out the building around it. The shape of the Kunst Haus Graz is like drop of water which is about to collide with ground and expand in different direction , merging everything it has on its way. However, it doesn't have a nickname like “Water drop’’ or anything related to a see but a “Friendly Alien’’. This is his second official name, probably firstly called by Colin Fournier and Peter Cook themselves or by architectural critics , it does have the similarities to spaceships which are shown in movies or the aliens himself. One of the best comparisons is the alien organism from the film “Blob“ , where an alien creature without a specific shape of body , kills and merges people , becoming bigger and bigger with each death.…show more content…
Of course , the example was probably not the real inspiration for the design of Kunst Haus , it really gives an impression that Peter Cook and Colin Fournier either love science fiction ,especially the movie “Alien’’ or their passion in a calculus based
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