Comparing Bowman's 'Slack And Calluses'

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Set in the year 1943, Slack and Calluses was written, during the time of World War II. Constance Bowman and her good friend Clara Marie Allen, decided that they would work at their local Bomber Factory in San Diego. Despite being laughed at and told that they couldn’t do it, Bowman and Allen decided to prove everyone that laughed at them wrong. As a woman during this time, performing hard labor was a man’s job. However, the women took the job and every challenge that came with it, both inside and outside of the workplace. “From 4:30 to 1 we were at work,” Bowman stressed in the novel about how work took up much of their time. Being able to sleep as long as they wanted in lounge in the sun was not an option. It got to the point to were the
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