Comparing Brutus And Cassius: Comparing Humans Essay

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To compare humans you are simply comparing ideas. Thoughts, experiences and philosophies that all combine together to create individuals. Two experiences and two people who see the same scenario with different perspectives. Such is the way with Brutus and Cassius. This pair of Roman senators shows us the difficulty of having a realist and an idealist work together, yet the pair manages to overcome their different views on the world to work together and assassinate “the foremost man of all this world.” Though, the pair of friends and lovers differences does not simply end at idealism versus realism. The pair seems to be naturally against each other in terms as ideas, it’s a wonder that with such different personalities, oeadership and…show more content…
This scene happens to show us how idealism and realism can clash as the two have a disagreement over what course of action to take. The argument, however doesn’t take us deeper as Cassius’s realistic point of view is overshadowed by his need to have Brutus on the side of the conspirators. Though, it does show us the beginning of what can possibly be a very slippery slope of future disagreements.

The opinions of our conspirators on the main stage are highly varied as they both have two completely different ways of leading others. Brutus for one was a strong and honorable man, forcing himself to stand tall and do whatever the noble thing is no matter what the resulting consequence would be. If it was something that could have been deemed dishonorable then Brutus wouldn’t give it a second thought. Honor was Brutus’s selection of tactics, no matter which way the wind would blow. This is shown in the play when Brutus refuses the oath in act two, scene one. His honorable tactics were what paved his road when he said that they should head to Philippi to meet Octavius and Antony in act four scene three, rather than wait for them to wear themselves out. This shows his honorable nature by presenting us with the fact that he would rather meet his opponent half way and defeat them on equal grounds rather than wait for them to approach and to fight with them when they were at a
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