Comparing Buddhism And The 8 Fold Path

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Throughout the year, my understanding of religion has grown immensely. Growing up I had a fairly closed mind on the extent of what religion meant. I’ve grown up in a moderately religious family, but religion hasn’t been the center of our attention. When I was young, I’d been taught to pray before eating dinner and again before bed, I wasn’t influenced by the Bible specifically but more by the morals. I have attended the Youth Group of Grace Church since I was in 8th grade and stopped this year. I had a connection this year that helped with my understanding of what religion means. As we’ve studied five different religions, I have come upon the same pattern. Religion focuses on having quality morals. To me, there’s a bit more to religion than believing in a god or higher power. A great factor of religion is having concrete examples of the ethical things to do and how to better yourself as a whole and the people…show more content…
With a base of good morals, religion can grow. In Buddhism, the first Noble Truth shares Life is Dukkha (suffering). As known, the 8 Fold Path consists of 8 sections which will release one from suffering and brings them to enlightenment. When reading each section, I begun to better understand the reasons why religion is apparent in our everyday life for most humans. The 8 Fold Path created a set of guidelines/morals that I would like to incorporate into my life. Two divisions that expressed themselves the most were right speech and right intention. These two I’ve worked to improve in my life, but recently I understand that people incorporate all these and follow them everyday. Again, I see the connection between meeting the end goal of enlightenment and being a better person. Buddhists connect through the 8 Fold Path, create morals and live day in day out by them. If not taken directly from, one can create others within the guidelines previously
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