Comparing Canadian Federal Political Parties

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The social media campaigns of the Canadian Federal Political Parties (Liberal, Conservative, and NDP) have been compared to one another in an attempt to understand their choices made to persuade audiences to take part in actively addressing and supporting their campaigns. Concepts discussed throughout this course have been applied to the three varying campaigns, including attention, earned media, branding, spreadability, intended audience, tone, navigation, and participation. These aspects have been prominent in all three social media campaigns and thus, have been chosen for this case analysis.

All three Political Parties post statuses and advertisements in English and French. This dualism that they demonstrate is done to target both, Anglophones and Francophones and reach a wider audience. This choice of theirs plays on the concept of repurposing for different cultures. Another aspect of repurposing focuses on altering the campaign to match different seasons, time periods as holidays and events differ. Keeping this element of repurposing in mind, the Liberal party posted an image in the celebration of International Women's Day. The image consists of many women holding their hands and giving the Liberals a thumbs up to support this cause and a quote saying, " Canada needs more women from diverse backgrounds making decisions in Ottawa. Because when women succeed, we all succeed." The Conservatives did not use repurposing in any way to support this event.…
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