Comparing China And The United States

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When it is comes down to dealing with any varieties of crime it’s a challenging issue in every country. No matter where one may be there will always be certain rules and regulations everyone must follow. Different nations deal with crime in many different ways based on their beliefs, policies, principals, and culture perspectives. Cross-cultural studies allow a common view of the variations, elements, and aspects of the justice systems. This paper examines the comparison of the justice system in China and the United States. Exploring the ideas and views, which include the confidence in police, informal and formal crime control, and views on capital punishment. China and the United States can be considered comparable in different…show more content…
We have police officers to serve and protect. In China they do not have as much confidence in police system as people in the United States. In the United States people have a lot of trust and confidence in the police as stated in a article I read: “Since the U.S. is one of the leading democratic societies in he world, a substantial body of research exists resulting from studies that have examined the dynamics of the publics satisfaction, trust, and confidence in the police” (Charles Hou, & Liqun Cao, 2001, p. 89). An American culture is surrounded by the values of freedom and individualism. Studies have found that although U.S. citizens may have suspicions about state power the public normally holds positive attitudes toward the police. Minorities appear to evaluate law enforcement less favorable than their majority White counterparts. Cite the source The Chinese culture emphasizes collectivism, family, shame, informal codes of conduct, and respect for authority. Social control is achieved largely through forced population stability and form of “community policing”. “This practice of community-based social control through the use of household registration is not a new Communist regime” (Charles Hou, & Liqun Cao, 2001, p. 89). It is very effective in controlling the static population until the current economic reform brought change. Chinese policing relies on mini-stations
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