Comparing China 's And India 's Sexual History

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During the time, I learned about China 's and India 's sexual history I saw that they had many unique preparative on sex compared to todays. For example in India’s famous book Kamasutra which discussed the nature of love and how to make a good family and home. This makes is seemingly normal compared to the modern day. However the thing that makes Kamasutra so unique and different is was that they categorized men by their penis sizes and women by the size of their vagina. The Kamasutra also recommended women on sexual techniques on how to please their husbands, even though some were impossible to perform. At the end the Kamasutra proposed that sex should be very passionate and with animal noises. Since India main religion was Hinduism at…show more content…
They even developed techniques to delay the process. However they also thought that the women’s yin would deplete, so it was important to have sex to prevent this. It was also important for men to experience the woman’s orgasm since that was the yin was at its peak and will help men maximize his contract with yin energy. The differences between these thoughts and from my perspective is extremely unique. Western society doesn’t really think that men semen runs out, nor do we teach techniques to guy on how to prolong intercourse as long as possible without ejaculation. We also really don’t have books that categorized people by their genitals. As I compared these ideas more and more, I got to see how different they are in western society. For instance considering that now sex isn’t seen as solely for procreation nor is it seen as something that makes it a responsibility to avoid karma and suffering. However I remember that America was not always like this, America was once heavily rooted into Christian morals and values. So as I read more and more, I learned about the sexual revolution of the 60’s. It was during the 60’s when the sex revolution began. The movement itself originated in San Francisco. I learned that during this time that the youth wanted to proclaim love and sex. I also learned about the two most important events that helped stage the sexual revelation. One of these events was the discovery of antibiotics was founded which led to
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