Comparing Chinese Food Culture And Western Diet Culture

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Comparison and comparison of Chinese food culture and Western diet culture.

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This article will discuss the differences between Chinese and Western diet culture, diet culture has a very important role in the world culture. Because of the cultural differences between China and the west, they have different food and cultural differences, each country has its unique food culture, whether it is the concept or ritual has the obvious place. However, with the international exchange and cultural integration, Chinese and Western food culture has been in a different collision and integration, which has played a very good role in promoting the cultural exchange of the world. With the people 's economic level constantly improve, people on the diet requirements are increasingly high, with the integration China and world culture, such as McDonald 's and KFC fast-food restaurants to Chinese food culture.

The historical between Chinese and Western diet culture
Chinese and Western culture from a long time ago is the world 's two different factions, but diet has a very important position in the two cultures. In the history of China, one of the oldest countries in the world has a long history of five thousand years. During this long period of time, the Chinese culture has been very much changed, as well as the passage of time and the vast land of China, in China also has a different diet culture…
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