Comparing Chinese Imagery And Art

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The Neolithic Period, tracing back as early as 10,000 BC, where “evidence of pottery making appears” (Heritage East Group, 2012) as agriculture emerges. As villages and people become more settled, “discrete ceramic traditions evolve that show a distinctive Chinese approach to form, decoration, and technique, leading to the identification of more than thirty Late Neolithic cultures throughout China”(Heritage East Group, 2012).
Chinese writing, lacquer, a substance that gives wood a polished finish and solidifies to form a hard and clear layer begins to be used in practise, with sculptures and pottery being produced. Additionally, animal themes, similar to the patterns used in bronze casting, like the use of the dragon can be seen, which
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The Chinese people’s progression with stone and pottery developed drastically in the Qin Dynasty. The Qin Dynasty followed the Zhou Dynasty and it was during this period that the ‘Great Wall of China’ was established. The ruler ‘Qin Shihuangdi’ “is credited with building the Great Wall of China by uniting several preexisting defensive walls” (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2015). These pre-existing walls were less significant clay walls built by individually established towns near to the border. Some sources state that the wall was for defensive purposes but some also say that “the Great Wall speaks well for a growth in the mixed soil of peace and war. It stands for some power, an unbeatable power despite all bitter conditions, known as the Great Wall Spirit among Chinese people” (Great Wall Web Site, 2015), meaning that the wall didn’t just represent defence, but it was a much more beautiful and well composed symbol of peace for the Chinese people. The wall was also a landmark for the architecture of the period. The same ruler is responsible for the creation of the ‘Terracotta Army’, its construction occurred as the ruler desired a tomb guarded by an army. The army consisted of “over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots, and even weapons” (TravelChinaGuide, 2015).
Following the Qin was the Han Dynasty occurring 206BC-AD220. Like in the previous Dynasty
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