Comparing Christianity And Buddhism : Christianity Vs. Buddhism

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Introduction According to our text, Huston Smith believed that all religions were essentially the same, whereas Stephen Prothero believes that they are all fundamentally different. These two differing opinions can be looked at further by comparing two of the world religions: Christianity and Buddhism. I believe that all religions are a mixture of both; religions are essentially the same and are also fundamentally different. Christianity and Buddhism both have similar aspects within them, and they have different aspects as well. In order to make sense of the world, one needs to have knowledge of religion and the implications it has on society (Prothero).
Prothero’s Four Points Within Christianity According to Prothero’s Four-Part approach, within Christianity, the problem is sin; the solution is salvation; the technique to achieve salvation is combining faith and good works; and lastly, the exemplars are the saints in Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, and ordinary people in Protestantism. The Four-Part Approach is important because it describes that the problem within the world is sin, the way to get rid of sin is through salvation, the way to live according to God’s will is through faith and good work, and the exemplary figures are saints and ordinary people.
Christianity centers on a teacher and preacher named Jesus of Nazareth, who was said to be the Son of God. Jesus began ministering to the public at age 30 which consisted of him doing things like:

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