Comparing Chuck From Castaway And The Man From Help Build A Fire ( Chechaquo )

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Ben Civjan Gatley 5 period 10/6/14 Compare and Contrast Essay Comparing Chuck from Castaway and the Man from To Build a Fire (Chechaquo) Everyone has to solve their problems. Whether it is family, friends, or sports, we all have to at some point or another. Some people have bigger problems, that may affect their whole life. But some, even greater than those, are about survival. Survival is the biggest problem of all. In the film Cast Away directed by Robert Zemeckis, and in the short story To Build a Fire by Jack London, the characters face the challenge of survival. One man survives, the other does not. In To Build a Fire, the man (Chechaquo) dies from freezing. He had bad character traits for survival, such as…show more content…
A trait that they are opposite in is humbleness. Chuck is very humble about nature and surviving, but the Chechaquo (the man from To Build a Fire) is hubris and cocky. When the Chechaquo wets his feet, which is very serious at that cold of temperature, and builds a fire to warm himself he thinks, “Well, here he was; he had had the accident; he was alone; and he had saved himself. Those old-timers were rather womanish, some of them, he thought”(20). He does not think the people giving him advice know what they are talking about. They told him to be careful and take a partner, but he went alone. But just after he thinks this, snow from a tree falls on his fire, putting it out. If he is more careful, this will not happen to him. If he brings a partner or if he notices the tree with snow this does not happen to him. When Chuck first gets on the island, he makes sure to get food and water. Also, when he is preparing to leave the island, he takes note of the months and days. He does this so he can have proper wind and current to get home. He knows how dangerous and powerful nature can be, so he takes a lot of precaution. Without water and food you cannot survive, so he is smart to find those first. Also he knows that if he does not leave at the proper time the current and wind will blow him the wrong way. If he does not consider these things, he might not have survived. Another trait that the Chechaquo and Chuck are opposites in is

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