Comparing City Life with Countryside Life Essays

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Way of life differs when people live in different places. No doubt that people lifestyle will be influenced by the society and surrounding environment where they live in. City life and countryside life are obviously very different in several ways, such as population, environment, and utilities. First, city life and countryside life are different from population. In big cities there are many people who live there, because job opportunities are abundant and the opportunity of better education. In fact, people live in urban areas because they want to have good jobs to get more money, and one of the best ways to achieve that is education. Nowadays, there are a lot of good universities and college that are totally located in…show more content…
These absences of stressors can have a great effect on the overall quality of life and as one researcher notes, " People who are living in rural and low density populated areas are less likely to have mental health problems than those living in urban areas and may also less likely to be exposed to depression cases or mental illness once they have recovered from these in more densely populated areas (Combs, 2006). Third, city and countryside are different in term of services. In big cities people are modern; they use much more modern technology, feel safe under the protection of security, and many other services that make their live much easier such as transportation and health care. First of all, people use modern technology such as computers, cell phones and internet. Second of all, the government provides security in various ways to protect people. Third of all, city transportations are developed well, people can travel easily, and they are many ways of transportation they can choose to travel with, such as "cars, metros, ships, and plans". Finally, big cities are not only big modern cities originally but also a face of a country, so government always supports the best ways and medical services for people. For example, if a country is suffered by a spreading virus such as the swine flu, of
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