Comparing Client Server Architectural Style

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Compare Client-Server architectural style to 3-Tier architectural style. What are the similarities and differences ? Use bullet points or a short paragraph.
Client-Server architectural style to 3-Tier architectural style:
The client-server model refers to the Network Architecture where one or more computers are connected a server.Client-server architecture divides the system into two applications, In this model client sends request to the server. Server implementation is transparent but can be centralized or distributed, single-threaded or multi-threaded single interface point with physically distributed implementation Dynamic, transparent selection from among multiple interface points. The purpose of networks is to allow communication
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The BL is running on a separate server, called the business logic tier, middle tier, or service tier. Finally the DB is running on its own database server. Differences: Client-Server: cost (servers and software can be expensive) server operating systems (a server and software work together; server software is expensive; servers also add to the costs) implementation (sharing resources; network cabling; servers kept in a secure room; central file management, central security administration; user management and permissions, backup management) security and safety techniques to protect the network from virus attacks, new products, and the use of new technologies (i.e., wireless connections).
Client-server networks work best for larger setups, such as a full-scale office or school network -- especially if the networks are likely to grow in size.
3-Tier Architecture: A 3-Tier usually puts something between the presentation and data store tire such as a business logic tier.
3-Tier has a Middle part of stage to communicate with client to server, Where as in 2-Tier client directly get communication to server. you can put this into 3 tiers depending on how much amount of money you have for hardware and how amount load you expect.
3-Tier is straight means in that demand stream on Client Middle Layer Database server and Response.
3-Tier is similar to a MVC But having contrast sorts in topologies.

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