Comparing Colonial Virginia and Colonial New England's Effect on American Character

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I believe colonial New England had more of an effect on the American character than Virginia for several reasons. First they promoted more of the values that have transcended into modern day America such as religious toleration, their educational ideas and their focus on the importance of family. And we shouldn’t forget the fact that the American Revolution began in New England so in essence the America we know today would not exist without New England. First off, colonial New England was more family based, as I believe America is today. When immigrants landed in New England they brought with them their families, expecting this place to become their permanent place of residence. Therefore their communities were more tight nit and…show more content…
Second, the New England colonies were founded by many who were seeking religious freedom, therefore the New England colonies were more open minded regarding religion. For instance, the first religious toleration act was passed in Maryland in 1649 by the by the assembly of the Province of Maryland. This act mandated religious toleration. Rhode Island was also seen as a colony of free thinkers and a place for religious toleration. So there was simply a lot of diversity in New England, the vast majority were Protestant Christians however there were significant numbers of Roman Catholics in Maryland and Delaware, as well as a small amount of Jews, most of which lived in Rhode Island. So therefore it was New England that began acting upon one of this country’s founding ideals, the ideal of freedom of religion. Our system of education is still based of a lot of colonial New England’s system of education. The first public schools of the new world began in New England with the passing of what is referred to as the Olde Deluder Satan Act which “specified that schools be started and publicly supported when town populations were large enough.” So basically they would build a school if the population of a particular are became large enough and the demand from the local citizenship was high enough. Whereas those in the Virginia area’s of the new world were either home schooled (often poorly) or immediately

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