Comparing Confucianism and Islam

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Although Islam and Confucianism represent two totally different worldviews, they have similar characteristics, which provide a potential idea, that both can be from a common source. Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who was a Caliph in Ahmadiyya Muslim community, supported this idea in his book “Revelation, Nationality, Knowledge & Truth”. He supports his idea saying, “All humans are God’s creation; it stands to reason that God not only guided people in the Middle East through Abrahamic prophets. He also guided other people through prophets like Confucius, Buddha and Zoroaster.” His claim is based on the existence of common themes between Islamic and Confucian teachings. Another supporting evidence is that God in one of the verses of Quran in which He…show more content…
Moreover, The Quran and the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed are the main references to Islam.
Confucianism is one of the main influential ideologies on the Chinese culture. The founder of this religion is Confucius; he was a Chinese teacher. He taught traditional disciplines at that time, and believed that he could change the order of the Chinese society. He has different principals in life. First, Li: “It is the medium within which to talk about the entire body of the mores, or more precisely, have the authentic tradition and reasonable conversations of society” . In other words, li is the social rituals between people and they are divided into different categorized relationships like father and son, filial piety, between brothers, husband and wife; Ruler and subjects, and between friends. The Second principal was Jen, which is humaneness; it describes the inner personality of a person and that people should practice respect to one another. Li and Jen are values that complete each other to create the superior man, according to the Confucius. Also, Confucius believed in the spirits but keeping them at a distance. There are Five Classics and the Four Books are regarded as a reference for Confucianism.
Since the main idea of Islam is to believe in God, who created all human beings. Therefore, the first point that I should start to look into is the existence of God in
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