Comparing Creighton University's 'Skepticism And Beyond'

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Skepticism and Beyond

JJ Hessel
Philosophy 110
Reaction Paper

In todays world, it is so important to be able to judge the right form the wrong. All eyes are on us and even a little slip up can cost you big time. This past month at Creighton University’s campus, their have been so many actions that are terrible. They range from sexual assault to an actual assault with a deadly weapon. I am not going to state who was involved, but most of these people are good humans with good intentions. It just came down to making the wrong decision at the wrong time. All of these peoples lives could b tarnished for a long time because of one bad decision. Epictetus says that we have no control over our
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Since we cannot control what other people think or say, we need to focus on what we can control. We need to not worry about what people think about us and focus on how we can better our lives and the lives of everyone around us. The Handbook of Epictetus says that when talking about uncontrollable things and objects, “And if it is about one of the things that is not up to us, be ready to say, ‘You are nothing in relation to me’” (p.12). This is saying that when something goes wrong or maybe even right for us, to not even worry about it. We do not have control of any outcome we just try our best to stay…show more content…
We should always stay passionate and do what we care about but not worry about what happens. There is something greater waiting for us at the end of our journey. We just need to stay patient and wait and hopefully something good will come out of our patience. Knowing that we cannot change any outcome or feelings. Hume says that it is like me saying that a painting is beautiful and done well. The painting is not actually beautiful, I just think it is. In class we talked about how Hume related his philosophy to the game of Baseball. In the game of baseball huge and important aspects of the game like hitting the ball or touching each base to ensure that you are safe seem so arbitrary when you compare it to life. Touching a base is so simple and when you are not actually playing baseball, is so irrelevant. This is one of Hume’s very important lessons, we need to care and act on the things we find boring or do not want to do. If we can do the things that we do not want to do and do them well, we will be very successful in
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