Comparing Cryptographic Techniques And Steganographic Techniques Essay

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Since from the earlier times, people are bothered about how to securely transmit secret messages. Both Cryptographic techniques and steganographic techniques are used to achieve this aim. In cryptography, the existence of the encrypted message is visible to the world, whereas in Steganography, only the sender and the receiver know the existence of the message. Darrel Hankerson, Alfred Menezes, and Scott Vanstone explained the various arithmetic behind elliptic curves and addresses some issues that arise in ECC implementation in detail [1]. Lawrence C. Washington provides an introduction to both the number theoretic and the cryptographic sides of elliptic curves. To securely transfer text and image through the network, various techniques have been developed in recent years using Elliptic Curve Cryptography [2]. S. Maria Celestin Vigila and K. Muneeswaran proposed an image encryption algorithm using ECC. They generated the values of k and nB by a random number generator, Comparative Linear Congruential Generator (CLCG) to give credibility [3]. Ali Soleymani, Md Jan Nordin, and Zulkarnain Md Ali creates a mapping table which has the intensity values ranging from 0 to 255 along the row and the corresponding columns of each row contain the elliptic curve coordinates. All the pixels of an image are mapped to related points on the elliptic curve using the table and encryption is done using receiver’s public key. To view the cipher image, we refer to the mapping table and find the

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