Comparing Darwin and Wallace Island Birds: Laboratory Experiment

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Biology Labs Introduction Over the last several years, evolution has been playing an increasingly important role in determining how various species are evolving. This is because ecology will have an impact on how quickly a particular organism is able to adapt (with: the unique challenges for a particular environment). To determine the effect that this is having requires carefully examining different species over the course of many years. This will be accomplished by comparing these changes on Darwin and Wallace Islands. Once this occurs, is when specific insights will be provided that are highlighting the underlying challenges affecting the development of organisms. This is the point that these transformations will be evident among the various life forms. (Fasolo, 2011, pp. 53 68) Darwin vs. Wallace Islands To compare the impact of evolution on different organisms a study was conducted by: carefully examining the species of birds with each other. This was accomplished through using a sample population of 200 birds. Moreover, there were other factors that were taken into account (in order to ensure objectivity and accuracy). The below table is illustrating those factors that were considered to be the most important during this study. ("Evolution Lab," 2012) Features that were Considered when Comparing Darwin and Wallace Island Birds Parameters Darwin Island Wallace Island Beak size 10.0 cm 10.0 cm Heritability 0.7 0.7 Variance 1.00 1.00 Clutch size 10

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