Comparing David And Michal

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R. Alter asks, “The whole story of David and Michal concludes on a poised ambiguity through the suppression of casual explanation: Is this a punishment from God, or simply a refusal by David to share her bed, or is the latter to be understood as the agency for the former?”
Filling gaps of this ambiguity, many commentaries and scholars, compared to small numbers of scholars who view the second option of Alter, conclude Michal was physically barren as a result of God’s judgment as follows.
“Michal’s unproductive womb would have been interpreted as a curse sent against a disobedient wife”
“It may be that she had despised not simply her husband but also Yahweh.”
“It seems likely that this is to be interpreted as a punishment sent by Yahweh on account of her attitude to the Ark”
“The closing phrase of the unit implies her childlessness is her punishment (against the Ark)”
“Her childlessness means rather that the Lord himself takes up the gauntlet that she has thrown down… Michal has rejected not David, but Yahweh.”

Was Michal, the daughter of Saul whom God had abandoned (1 Sam 15:28) childless as a result of speaking against the ark representing God, or his anointed King? Did the text really imply that God judged Michal? Does
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The decisions for this question from the textual criticism will be made for the further literary-exegetical analysis. As regards the principles of making decisions, the weight of the MT for the book of Samuel should be carefully dealt with in terms of the external evidence since its poor condition of preservation or corruption. In other words, internal evidence may take decisive roles to make a righty decision. Concerning the textual note, there are more than eighteen textual issues in this pericope. But only a couple of them which have a much impact on the interpretation of the text will be discussed here due to a limited space, with alphabetical superscript on the discourse

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