Comparing Decision Making Techniques And Consequences Essay

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Compare and Contrast Decision-making Techniques and Consequences Introduction Personal ethics refers to an individual’s personal or self –modeled values and norms. These values are instilled in people while growing up with their parents and friends. They help in distinguishing what a person perceives to be right and wrong. General examples include a sense of responsibility, commitment, honesty, politeness, openness and alongside others. What an individual develops concerning fairness during childhood manifest itself all through his or her life and hence reflected by the individual’s habits. The values we possess are established in the world by making choices regarding various aspects of our life. Personal ethics have helped people to demonstrate the following aspects of personality while making a decision; self-control, mindfulness, and self-awareness. Moreover, ethics instills flexibility in people which prompt their values to change boosting our interactions. Additionally, personal values help us to consider the following questions in the process of deciding on various aspects of our lives. Is this choice likely to cause harm or good? Am I being true to others and more so to myself in this choice? Is the choice going to foster honesty and inclusion within the category of individuals Am dealing with? And lastly, is the choice going to make me a better person? These questions help in determining if the decision is in tandem with the self- principles so as to promote good
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