Comparing Dermot Bolger’s The Holy Ground and In High Germany

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Comparing Dermot Bolger’s The Holy Ground and In High Germany

Some call it Ireland. Others instead choose to call it the Holy Ground. In the end, it doesn't matter which name is used to refer to the Emerald Isle. To those with Irish heritage, the mere mention of Ireland is enough to evoke many emotions: pride, happiness, nationalism, anger, just to name a few. They feel strongly about the country. It is not just the place where they were born. Love it or hate it, it is home. Dermot Bolger explores the feelings of two Irish in his plays The Holy Ground and In High Germany. These plays have been performed together under the joint title The Tramway End. Some may think that there is not enough in common between these two plays for
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Standing in the train station makes him think of his father, so he discusses what the man was like when Eoin was younger. He remembers,

…old photos. My mother had stacks of them in an old biscuit tin under the sideboard. Meeting Daddy off the train at Westland Row, seeing Daddy back onto the train at Westland Row. How many times were strangers prevailed upon to snap them standing there, awkward together in public like any Irish married couple, a little space left for decency between them. That little space shrunk and grew in Westland Row, the train wheels coming and going, churning over and over. (76)

These lines may call to mind the relationship of Myles and Monica in The Holy Ground. When Eoin says, that his parents were, "awkward together in public like any Irish married couple," it brings to mind Monica's description of walking to Mass with Myles. Monica recalls, "…every Sunday walking to Mass, feeling him put his hand stiffly in mine" (118). Through both of their musings, the audience is given a picture of the dynamics of married life in Ireland. Monica's account is much more in depth than Eoin's, however, both plays are needed to form a complete idea of
Soccer (or football to the Irish) plays an important part in both plays, also. In To High Germany, Eoin and his friends build their lives around the game. They follow the Irish team all over Europe, so that they may cheer them on to victory. For Eoin, soccer is his way of connecting to his

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