Comparing Diane Nash And The Freedom Rider

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Diane Nash is a character who impressed and attracted me (at) the first time I saw her appearance in the book. The context when she appears is disorder and messed up. The peaceful atmosphere of the members of the Civil Rights Movement having a picnic was destroyed by the news of the bus carrying freedom riders toward Birmingham catching fire. At that time, everyone was trying to deal with the problem and Diane was taking part to help too. While every member of the movement is very scared and their confidence in the movement is no longer strong, Diane tries to call and connect to James Farmer, leader of the Freedom Riders group. She calls him not to ask for canceling the movement because she is scared, but to ask for his support for Nashville …show more content…

King explain Robert Kennedy’s request. Now, Farmer says that: “I won’t stop it now. If we do, we’ll just get words and promises.” After experiencing the fear of all that happened with the Freedom Rider. In addition, after talking to the strong women like Diane, he does not feel scared anymore. He is willing for the fight. Furthermore, Diane also supports that decision as she says: “The Nashville students movement wants to go on. We can’t stop it now, right after we’ve been clobbered.” This time, they have a word of the decision: “The freedom rider will go on.” In all the story, Diane does not appear a lot or have a lot of words, but her words are very strong and goes on the main point. She always stands with the leader to support him. However, she always stands with the Nashville students to …show more content…

She is not the main character and her story is not the main idea for the whole book. She is only one activist among thousand activists during Civil Rights period. She works and fights for racial equality women's rights. Her belief is the same with others. At this point, it is a significant key to civil rights. This idea becomes idealism for whole Civil Rights activists at that time. They believe to have a good life, freedom, and racial equality, especially women's rights after the movement ends up. For instance, women could vote, poor children could go to school, citizens have equal conditions for health, work, and religion. As a result, under President John F. Kennedy’s period, Diane was appointed to a national committee that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. She worked for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference under Martin Luther King, Jr. from 1961 to 1965. Her relationship is only with people who are weak or who fight for the right. She always stand on the right side and fight for them. I think she is very happy now as she see the life that she dreamed come true. She should (must) proud of her decision as the result she and her teams have

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