Comparing Dietrich Bonhoeffer And Martin Luther King

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Protecting the rights and dignity of the poor and oppressed is the most important moral duty of the church.’ Critically evaluate this statement with reference to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King.

Bonhoeffer and King: Their legacies and Import for Christian Social Thought, ed. by W. Jenkins and J. M. McBride (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2010)

Pg. 207
“Whenever Christ calls us, his call leads us to death”,

Bonhoeffer had been challenging his seminarians to make the choice before them to embrace the cross of Christ by sharing in his suffering and death

Christ does not cease working in us until he has changed us into Christ’s own image. Our goal is to be shaped into the entire form of the incarnate, the crucified, and the risen one.

Bonhoeffer encouraged that Christ’s followers are to enter into solidarity with those who have been victimized by those forces of oppression, political domination, and persecution that rob innocent people of their God-given dignity as created in the image and likeness of none other than Jesus Christ himself

Whoever from now on attacks the least of the people attacks Christ, who took on human form and who in himself has restored the image of God for all who bear a human countenance.

Pg. 209

Niebuhr enabled King to see more clearly the rationalizations invoked by political leaders and the nations they governed that justified blatantly sinful actions as they relentlessly pursued their own special interests to the detriment of
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