Comparing Disney And Pixar

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Since this was your only feature film with Disney, how did that come about?

You usually don't get to get too close to Disney and Pixar like that unless you're a celebrity or you're somebody on the inside or you know somebody. A lot of the journeyman work is done with a loop group, and they pick up different characters. Friends of mine do that, and they do great.

The role came to me through my agent. It was "Project X" of course. And it was a paragraph. It was an old-time radio announcer, and I do all those from different decades. I'm a big fan of those old radio shows. So I just sent it in and forgot all about it. And a few weeks later, the agent calls, "Haaay!" That's her voice when she's happy. So they flew me up to PIXAR, and I recorded up there and did a session here at Warner Bros. with Pete Docter and the crew on the line as well. And even then, it wasn't guaranteed that I was gonna make the cut 'cause it's PIXAR. Then we found out not too long before the opening that in fact I was a big part of the beginning of the film, and I was invited to the Hollywood premiere. {laughs} "Welcome to Hollywood!" That was really cool. Jon Voight sat right behind me in the premiere of the movie, and I could hear him crying, and I was like, "This movie is making Jon Voight cry." Very, very touching moment there. You could hear a pin drop in
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It's got to be great. And you need to learn to make it great and not settle for fine or okay or "that's good." Well, what does it take to be great? If you're gonna paint, you look at Rembrandt or Van Gogh or any of the masters and you go, "How in the world did they do that?" I hold this career in high regard, and some of the people that have passed on have passed their information onto me, and they were giants in this business--both male and female. You've got to really listen and really distinguish between what's good and what's

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