Comparing Disney's The Lion King And Hamlet

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The Lion King, a popular disney creation, was not only a movie but was also made into plays, musicals, parades and much more. This family favorite was based off Africa and it’s vast variety of animals, but was originally going to be a jungle themed movie. Critics and viewers found things to pick out about the movie including racial comments and Shakespeare references. Aside from the negative reviews, the film was a huge success, a box office record as a matter of fact. Disney even had a party in Orlando that went on for a few years. Disney’s “The Lion King” has continued to warm the hearts of families across the globe with sequels and T.V. shows. “The Lion Guard” just broadcasted a few months ago, and not to mention “The Lion King” on broadway. Back in 1997, the musical hit the theaters and has been shown over 5,000 times since. The show has been awarded in numerous…show more content…
The Lion King and Hamlet are so much alike that teachers today use The Lion King while teaching students of Hamlet. First off, Hamlet starts off with the son of a king depressed of the recent death of his father. In the Lion King, the king does not die until halfway through the movie and those watching get to see the relationship between father and son before he dies. The story’s happen to line up with the ghost of the father coming back to encourage their son to avenge them and take back the throne, however, their actions after this a very different. Hamlet pretends to be crazy and put on a play to prove whether or not his uncle did kill his father, and Simba goes straight back to pride rock to face Scar already knowing what really happened to his dad. The play and the movie may be similar with characters but the storylines are totally different. Hamlet ends with everyone dying and The Lion King ends with Simba taking back the throne and rejoicing over his newborn
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