Comparing Dostoevsky's Hatcheries And Conditioning Lenina

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The book opens depicting the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. The reader gets a walk through the building where humans are bred in test tubes by the thousands. We learn that every single person gets assigned a caste at birth. You are destined to either be an Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon undergo a process called the Bokanovsky Process. This means that the eggs are shocked enough to split many times and develop up to ninety six identical human beings. As the tour continues we see how children are raised in this new world. Children are hypnotized in their sleep and conditioned to do multiple things depending on their caste in life. The students and the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning…show more content…
She is having a difficult time though because she is beginning to have feelings for him. It is frightening for her but she eventually begins to ask him to go on dates with her. Her ultimate goal is to sleep with him but this is because this is all she knows. While for John things are much different. Back on the reservation he read many of Shakespeare's works and has a different idea of love than Lenina does. This makes things difficult. When they return to John’s place after a date, Lenina attempts to sleep with him. This sets John off and he attacks her. She escapes but only when John finds out that his mother is…show more content…
Instead of punishing them he tells the men of an island for individuals like themselves. He explains how happiness comes at a price and for many that price is the truth. Bernard and Helmholtz take the offer excitedly but John declines and chooses to live in banishment.

John finds an abandoned lighthouse outside of London and decides to live there. He devotes his life to the many Gods he chose to believe in and swears to live a life outside of the horrible society he has come to know. It is not long though until people begin to find out where he is living. Reporters start to swarm his house and one video tapes John while he is whipping himself as punishment. When the video gets out hoards of people come to John’s home to harass him. Even Lenina shows up but this only aggravates John and he makes a huge embarrassing scene in front of everyone.

When John awakes the next day and remembers what he's done he is mortified. With everything being too much for the poor man, John decides to end it all. His tortured life is ended hanging over an archway slightly swinging in many different
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