Comparing Edvard Munch 's The Kiss

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As a person who enjoys learning and thinking with new perspectives, Modern Art has always intrigued me, but I was never introduced to the ideas behind art and therefore have not adequately understood art. Before taking Survey of Modern Art, I had never taken any time to think about art, to form my own opinion of a piece, or even the implications of any art. The only aspect of art that I cared about was whether or not I found the piece striking as a result of its color, subject matter, or the popularity of the artist. I am quite embarrassed of my past thoughts of art, but now I believe I better understand the importance of art and the ideas behind many pieces. In order to redeem myself in the art world, I will discuss why I prefer Edvard Munch’s The Kiss more than Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss. Gustav Klimt is an Austrian artist well-known for his use of gold leaf, depicting women, and his involvement in the Art Noveau movement. Although Edvard Munch’s work is similar to the Art Noveau style, he did not use lines/curves for decoration, but to represent and evoke emotion. Munch is popularly known for his painting The Scream, which is a part of a series of paintings depicting a variety of emotions. I was first introduced to Klimt’s work a few years ago. During high school, I took a Humanities class, and each day in class I would stare at The Kiss by Klimt. I did not inquire more about the painting, but have always pondered the painting and its meaning. Recently, while researching

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