Comparing Elizabeth Stanton’s Declaration of Sentiments and The Women’s Bible

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Declaration of Sentiments and The Women’s Bible

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the most renowned women to lead campaigns for women’s rights. Her efforts were focused on "opportunities for women, for married women’s property rights, the right to divorce, and the right to custody of children; her most radical demand was for women’s right to vote" (Davidson and Wagner-Martin 845). In general Stanton wished to instill independence and self-reliance in all women. Stanton was an inspiring orator of speeches including the Declaration of Sentiments as well as the book The Women’s Bible. Upon analysis of her speeches and other works, as well as gaining knowledge of her background, one is able to assume that
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Much of her knowledge was gained by time spent in her fatherâs office reading law books and listening to his conversations with clients. Stanton refused to allow societyâs constraints to limit her ability to excel as mush or more than a young man does. In taking on this conviction, she later in life attempted to have changes made to allow women to attend the same schools (colleges) that men attended.

In the experiences Stanton witnessed between clients and Mr. Cady, one particular incident farther provoked Stanton to seek rights for women. In this certain case an ex servant of the family was attempting to regain property that she had purchased before her marriage. Apparently her deceased husband had will the property to his son and the woman was left with nothing. Mr. Cady informed the lady that even though she had purchased the property before wedding, that according to the laws concerning wedlock, all property, earnings, and children were relinquished to the husband. Elizabeth could not believe that the laws were so unjust and that there was nothing her father could do to help the woman regain what was rightfully hers. Being a small child at the time, Stanton told the client that she would search through every law book and cut out any laws that

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