Comparing Emerson's Writings with Whitman's Writings

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Emerson and Whitman A commonality when comparing Emerson’s writings with Whitman’s writings are the use of the ideas Emerson came up with integrated and used in Whitman’s writing. It is clear that Emerson’s writing were a set of instructions for the Transcendentalist movement in addition to a lifestyle to try and attain or rise up to for society. Emerson give guidelines and ideas on how people should function in society largely based off of nature and its natural occurrence and set order. When Whitman starts writing, he adopts Emerson’s guidelines in order to become a great poet. In Transcendentalism, one of the commonalities in the writing is the idea of nature as a beneficial part of the world. The natural world to be precise is an underused and not understood piece of the world. Emerson and Whitman both saw nature as a beneficial topic to study in their writings. Emerson and Whitman both studied and reflected upon nature in order to understand lessons or basic guidelines that it could teach them about being human. In “Self Reliance” and “Song of Myself,” it can be seen that if you are willing to study nature and gain the knowledge it gives you to live your life lessons can be gained. Nature is not simply pretty scenery to look at but if studied deeper it promotes a lifestyle. Particularly, for Emerson, nature is seen as perfect because it is not tainted by the constructs or failures of man it is simply natural and untouched. In addition, man’s law has no power over

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