Comparing Emily Dickinson And Sylvia Plath

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To compare the ways in which Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath portray the theme of journeying throughout their poetry.
In this essay I will be writing about the ways in which Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath both portray the theme of journey in three of their poems, I will be doing so by analyzing my six chosen poems and picking out quotes and literary devices which are used in these poems and display the chosen them. Sylvia Plath is well known for her poems which focus on the darkest aspects of her life or life in general whereas Emily Dickinson 's poetry vary in style and structure, even so all six of the poems that I have chosen display the theme of journey as well as other themes incorporated within them.
One of the poems that I picked out from Emily Dickinson 's poetry is 712, in this poem Dickinson talks about her journey to death, throughout the poem Dickinson describes her journey with death as what sounds like an enjoyable journey, she does this by using adjectives such as "kindly" and "civility" when describing death, this personifies death and makes him appear to be a pleasant guy. Dickinson structured this poem with six stanzas, all of which include four lines. The second stanza begins with "we slowly drove"this not only serves as a reminder that she is on a journey with death it also describes the pace of the journey which makes seem slow and peaceful, this stanza along with two others in the poem begin with the word "we" the first person pronoun is then
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