Comparing Essay- Miri Regev And Shulamit Aloni

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Comparison Essay- Miri Regev and Shulamit Aloni Shulamit Aloni and Miri Regev are two powerful and significant Israeli political figures from opposing sides of the political arch. Aloni had defined herself as "Radical liberal" or "Radical-social democrat" while Regev is a Right Wing-Nationalist. Aloni started her Political career at "Hamaa 'rach" and was one the cofounders of the left wing party "Meretz". Regev is a member of the "Likud" party. This comparison enables us to see the success of two very different woman to integrate in the Israeli politics holding harsh courageous opposing opinions. Miri Regev was born and raised in Kiryat Gat by the name of "Miriam Sibony". She started her career at the army, and served in high positions such as the Spokesperson of Southern command, Bureau chief of IDF Spokesperson; later she established and headed the "Department of public relations" of the "GOC Army headquarters", head of the IDF media, planning and initiation, Head censor of IDF; Regev retired from the army after filling the prestige role of IDF Spokesperson. During her long and impressive military service Regev got a Bachelor 's degree in "Informal education", an MBA in business administration and graduated from the college of "Command and staff". Shulamit Aloni was born in Poland, her parents did "aliya" and raised her in Tel aviv. Aloni 's parents were orthodox Jews that rebelled against the Polish rabbis and decided to become Zionists-socialists. She had a very poor

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