Comparing European Feudaism And Japanese Feudalism

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What is European feudalism and Japanese feudalism? European feudalism involved Kings, knights, and peasants. First the King would give a part of his land to his knights in return the knights would promise loyalty and military aid to the king. Next the knights would grant peasants part of their land and in return the peasants would return loyalty and promise homage. This gave everyone a win win situation for all parties. Japanese feudalism how ever is a little different though. According to chegg study, “Japanese feudalism was organized around a four-tiered social structure, with the samurai warrior class at the top. Below them ranked farmers (including fisherman), and then artisans, with merchants and shopkeepers at the bottom. This hierarchy was due to Confucian ideals, which emphasized the importance of individuals who produced things.” Unlike European feudalism farmers were given a higher rank because they put people who produced things on top. Merchants were seen as evil, liars, and greedy therefore they were placed at the bottom. For starters European feudalism started in 800’s CE and appeared in Japan in 1100’s. European and Japanese feudalism were politically similar and different. For starters they both used the same warfare style and weaponry. According to, “Both knights and samurai rode horses into battle, used swords and wore armor.” The only difference are the materials that each armor is made out of. For knights their armor is full metal which weighs them down while Samurai armor is made of leather or metal plates. The biggest difference we’re the disadvantages that knights suffered from heavy armor. According to, “European knights were almost immobilized by their armor, needing help up on to their horses, from where they would simply try to knock their opponents off their mounts.” While the Japanese had a better advantage due to their lightweight armor. According to, “Samurai, in contrast, wore light-weight armor that allowed for quickness and maneuverability, at the cost of providing much less protection.” Even though both are very different each had their of advantages as well the knights were more protected while Samurais were faster. Another major

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