Comparing F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby And The American Dream

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The Great Gatsby and the American Dream
In The Great Gatsby, the American Dream is shown in many ways. Gatsby is a character in the novel that knows himself what the American Dream is like. He found himself living the dream after he turned his life around from when he ran away, to when he rescued Dan Cody on the ship. Now, he is rich from his own hard work and is what I would call, living the American Dream.
First, Gatsby led to others people's beliefs that he was fake or that nobody knew the real story about him. Nick in the novel was the man who moved in next to the stranger, Gatsby. Nick didn’t know his neighbor one bit, but he always wondered who the man was that is hidden behind the mansion doors. This man called Gatsby made a man, and
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He goes to the party seeing there are being all around the giant mansion. As Nick asked people, he found out something strange. He noticed that out of all those people he was the only person to get an invite. As time passed, Nick had finally met the Great Gatsby. He looked way younger than thought he would be, seeing a completely different man than imagined. Daisy, Nick's cousin that still hasn't heard from Gatsby heard that he lives just right across the bay. The next weekend came by as Nick not knowing Daisy and Gatsby knew each other and Nick took her to the party. Nick found to like Gatsby as a great friend telling him, "You're worth the whole damn bunch put together."Gatsby and Nick became better friends. Again, Gatsby and Daisy then met again and saw love right away. This is when Gatsby completes his American Dream, He is rich, and now has the girl he loves with him. Daisy getting all the attention and anything she wants is able to love and live with him. As time goes by Tom starts to figure things out as he finds out they love each other. Gatsby was wanting her to tell tom the she loves Gatsby but she says she loves them both. They all get into an argument and Daisy runs to Gatsby car, as they're driving angrily Daisy hits and kills Tom's mistress running out into the road wanting a ride but doesn't stop. Then finding out whose vehicle it was they think it is Gatsby. The husband of the dead wife all drunk went to Gatsby's house and shot him dead then shot himself. Right then ended The Gatsby American Dream.
After all happened I think that Gatsby was living the American dream in my opinion and even though he died not being ready, he died with Daisy loving him. Gatsby being very rich made life good but topping it off with his love is what really made him have the American
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