Comparing Felicia's Journey And The Crying Games

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There were many types of literary connections between all of the novels and films that were read and watched throughout the semester. One of the major connections the stood out between the works of Felicia’s Journey and The Crying Games is personal and collective history. This major theme was seen throughout many characters in these films and established how they were portrayed and how they portrayed themselves. Although they are two completely different films, they still share the theme as a commonality on how history molded them into the people that they became. Hilditch, Felicia, Dil and Fergus are all characters that indicate the two types of history. The tension between collective and personal history causes difficulty for the characters as time progresses throughout the films. In the film of Felicia’s Journey, Hilditch was treated cruelly by his mother. When she was in front of the camera, she would let him help and when he ruined something, she would act nice toward him. Once the cameras shut off, that is when she will go back to her normal self being and begin to talk down to Hilditch. This led…show more content…
In this film, Dil who is one of the main characters has a partner by the name of Jody who was killed by Fergus unintentionally. This led Fergus to keep the promise that he had with Jody before he took his last breath. When he first met Dil, it got to the point that he began to like her. He wasn’t honest with Dil to begin with because he never mentioned that he was the reason that Jody go hit by a car and later died. As he started to get to know her, he finally saw who she really was. This also made him realize that the bar that he met her at was the usual bar, it was a gay bar. Fergus mentioned, “Do they know” and Dil replied “Alright, they do” to her being a male. At first this began to bother Fergus but he began like her regardless of the
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