Comparing Flannery O Connor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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The story in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, the grandmother did not want to travel to Florida on their vaction. Instead, convinced her son Bailey, to let the children see Tennessee, and avoiding the chances of having the family meet with the misfits that are loose in Florida. Unfortunately, Bailey accidently drove into a ditch, and the grandmother climbed back up the road to signal for help, but backfired. Their help were the misfits, who ended the lives of everyone without mercy, nor hesitation. The grandmother desperately trying to stay alive, have lost her family, and her life. The misfit have been known to have no mercy for killing the family, but the grandmother smiles after her death as if the misfits saved her from herself. The misfit…show more content…
The Misfits responded "Jesus shown everything off balance. It was the same case with Him as with me except He hadn't committed any crime and they could prove I had committed one because they had the papers on me. Of course, they never shown me my papers. That's why I sign myself now. I said long ago, you get you a signature and sign everything you do and keep a copy of it. Then you'll know what you done and you can hold up the crime to the punishment and see do they match and in the end you'll have something to prove you ain't been treated right. I call myself The Misfit, because I can't make what all I done wrong fit what all I gone through in punishment." The Misfits know that Jesus cannot change the way how people are, or what people do to other; its just how life is in the real world. It’s almost seems to be the survival of the fittest and The Misfit knows they cannot change they way who they are or end their killing spree. The Misfits will continue the way who they are, but wants to rid those who believe in the will of Jesus, or that are blinded by him. He wants people to understand that their is no god to saves them from theses types of desperate situations.
The Misfits ways of getting rid of people that is with god is to send the souls away from their physical self. He wants to purify the world from this belief and prove that god do not exist in the world humans live in. Unfortunately, the grandmother is one of those people who has an obsession with god knowing he is real and will protect her from any harm that comes to her. Knowing that the grandmother beliefs towards god have affected her, The Misfits have ended her with three shots to the chest. This shows how brutal The Misfits are and how they will respond to people like the
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