Comparing Flatland and Little House on the Prairie

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Flatland and Little House on the Prairie   Simplicity clashes with stress. Living with the bare necessities, the working class families keep themselves happy. The husband works while the wife cooks the meals and takes care of the children. No desire for excessive amounts of m oney exists, just a desire for a strong bond within the family. Upper-class families or families striving for success invite stress into their lives. Too much stress from greedy desires of power creates tension in homes. The higher people c limb up society's ladder, the more likely their families are to fall apart. Flatland, by Edwin Abbott, presents the two dimensional world as a society with mostly working class families. A. Square, the…show more content…
Dad feels as though the family does not depend on him as m uch, so he desires someone who would need him more than his family does now. Bam! There goes the Ingles. Parents begin breaking wedding vows physically, mentally, and emotionally. What next? Tension clogs the doorways and bedrooms of the house. Fights over pointless, worldly matters fill conversations. Children become angry and go into a new world where drugs and alcohol fill their needs, and parents decide to divorce.   Many parents drag their innocent children into the mess they created. They drive bad opinions of each other into the minds of these teenagers, trying to convince them that they are the "better" parent. Their selfishness blin ds them from the fact that they are tearing apart every happy memory the children have from when they were a "family". It puts a sour taste in a young persons mouth, making it hard for them when it comes to their turn to love and tr ust a mate. All the love and trust they have learned turns into hate and deceit. The result of this selfishness not only broke the parents up, but also tore the children away from their mom and dad.   In Flatland they came up with what they thought was an good plan to distinguish between each other without using a complicated method. This new concept involved the different classes being painted a certain color. The plan failed and led to the Colour Revolt. Many of the low

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