Comparing Floods.

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Compare Floods in LEDC and MEDC I am going to discuss two case studies regarding floods. One of my case studies is of Cocker mouth, this is a town in England exposed to floods this is my case study of an MEDC. My other case study is the LEDC in which I talk about Bangladesh. Cocker mouth is situated in the Lake District in England. England is an MEDC and this area experienced vast ranges of flooding during late November. The town lies among the confluence of two rivers that leave it prone to flooding. The two rivers are the Derwent and Cocker. 320mm of rainfall fell in under 24 hours and this was a predicted fall which took the town by surprise. The River Cocker burst its banks after a 2.5 metre rise in the river water level; this was a…show more content…
The main economic problem in Carlisle was that the shops and local businesses on the area had to shut down as they had to evacuate, in Bangladesh many areas would have become redundant with major business corporations such as TNCs having to be shut down as many factories were destroyed. The main environmental problem in Carlisle was that the sewage overflowed therefore the streets would have been effected and the surrounding area also, in Bangladesh the Rivers became poisoned by sewage and majority of water supplies in the area became undrinkable. In conclusion Carlisle in an MEDC had a less severe flood and because of its more affluent built up area people were affected in less of a tragic manner. Bangladesh LEDC was affected more and the and the outcome was more disastrous. In conclusion, it is apparent that both the MEDC and the LEDC experienced a variety of impacts producing a multiple chain of cost however impact severity was clearly more drastic in the case Bangladesh as it is an LEDC and its emergency plans and general infrastructure is less developed compared to England
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