Comparing Frankenstein And The Fairie Queene

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Studying literature is in great part about analyzing the work. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley gives the power of literacy to the monster in her novel Frankenstein to humanize him as well as to equip him with a moral compass which would have been difficult for him to pick up on otherwise. The “treasure” of literature for Frankenstein’s monster includes John Milton’s Paradise Lost to bring into question the role of the creator and creation as seen in God and man and Frankenstein and his seemingly horrific figure, while the use of Edmund Spenser’s The Fairie Queene could have been used to underline the difference between right and wrong.
As a creation made of the parts of man in his image, Frankenstein’s monster is an imperfect Adam. Shelley does not dwell on the fall of man, so much as she uses it to question the monster’s …show more content…

In Book 3 of the epic, Milton highlights that God created Adam as, “sufficient to have stood, but free to fall” (Norton 1989). God places the blame on Adam for the punishment of man. The monster reading this literally, without analysis and who was also made in his creator’s image then has no choice but to assume that he is also being punished.
Shelley’s humanization of the monster lies in his imperfection and makes the reader question just why he has been cast aside by humanity. If the reader accepts the fall of man as punishment, for Adam and Eve’s mistake they can see that the monster’s creation itself is not for him to be punished, but for Frankenstein. The monster’s understanding of his place because of his outward appearance is apparent after he begins to compare himself to Adam who was created “from the hands of God as a perfect

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